Things to do during Quarantine

Hello everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this time. Although it has already been more than a month since our state-mandated quarantine, I'm still having a difficult time adjusting to the situation. The act of leaving our house has been so daunting with many extra precautions that must be in … Continue reading Things to do during Quarantine

The Puppy Diary: The First Week of Having a Dog

Hello World, It's been a long time since I share an update on my life. Aside from going through quarter-life crises, attempting to step out of my comfort zone, and social distancing due to Covid-19, life just has a way of throwing everything at you. But on a more positive note, my partner and I … Continue reading The Puppy Diary: The First Week of Having a Dog

How to Cook Vietnamese Crab Noodles (Bun Rieu)

What is Bun Rieu? Bun Rieu is a traditional dish originated in Northern Vietnam, made with rice noodles, minced crab paste, cooked in a savory stock with pork bones and tomatoes. Most of these ingredients can be found at your local Asian markets, I actually bought them before the whole quarantine in place happened. Ingredients … Continue reading How to Cook Vietnamese Crab Noodles (Bun Rieu)