About Me

Xin Chao (Hello) everyone!

My name is Linh and welcome my journal.  I am a young Vietnamese American woman who is trying to find my life purpose through traveling and experiencing new things.   I am a first-generation college student, as well as being the first generation in the U.S.  Because of my Vietnamese culture, I have a strong work ethic and I am a strong dedication to my passions.

Writing has never been my strongest suit, in fact, it was one of my least favorite things to do in school.  Since English my second language, I was self-conscious with my grammars and pronunciations.  But ever since I started blogging, I have found it as a place for me to show my creative spirit.  I love reading, cooking, traveling and I have recently picked up on photography.  Throughout most of my blogs, especially travel blogs, I love sharing pictures of the places I’ve visited with readers. I want my readers to have the most authentic and genuine experience when they are reading my blogs.

New blogs are posted on Saturdays at 9 AM EST.